Trade Mark: Nashat

General Manager: NashatJobeh

Contact Person: NashatJobeh

Short Description: Nashat Company is considered as one of the most distinctive Palestinian companies that produce sandals. Nashat produces summer shoes and sandals for all members of the family, where the production of a wide variety of sandals and slippers for various sizes and gender groups.

Nashat products are specialisedby strength of manufacturing where the sole is directly injected, it depends on the finest local produce of natural leather.

In addition, Nashat is concerned with the introduction of modern and stylish designs to its product range to suit all tastes in the market. Nashat also seeks to enter new markets in which to compete.

History: Nashat Company history goes back in time to the early 90s when Nashat Al Jobehhimself worked in the shoe industry and in 1995 he opened a small workshop with his brothers making boys and girls shoes, then in 2000 they started producing men’s and women’s shoes, in 2006 they improved their work by purchasing a Direct injection PU machine and after that improved cutting process.

Vision & Mission: The company looks to reach new markets outside Palestine, and to improve its performance in production.

Experience: Specialize in Men’s Leather Sandals Women’s and children shoes.

Contact Us
Address Palestine, Hebron
Tel No 022225923
Mobile 0597672121
Fax No 022225923
Email Aljubeh_comp@yahoo.com
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